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RACERSCLUB Continues Sponsorship Of Small Tire Gangstas With Struggle City Edition At Yello Belly Drag Strip

RACERSCLUB Continues Sponsorship Of Small Tire Gangstas With Struggle City Edition At Yello Belly Drag Strip

RACERSCLUB, the leading lifestyle brand for drag racers, is thrilled to continue its partnership with the Small Tire Gangstas events, including the upcoming Struggle City edition. Small Tire Gangstas Struggle City is set for April 12 and 13 at the historic Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Hosted by Tom Gunner, also known as “Jimmy Dale,” who is also a RACERSCLUB brand ambassador and a YouTube star, expressed his excitement about the partnership.

“We’re excited to have RACERSCLUB involved again. Small Tire Gangstas represents the raw, unfiltered essence of drag racing, and RACERSCLUB truly embodies that spirit. Their commitment mirrors our vision for the sport, making this collaboration a perfect fit,” said Gunner.

Wes Buck, the founder of RACERSCLUB and Drag Illustrated, shared his enthusiasm, “Our roots are deeply embedded in the drag strips across America; it’s where our passion for speed and competition was born. Sponsoring the Small Tire Gangstas Struggle City race is a testament to our dedication to the drag racing community. We share Tom Gunner’s passion and commitment to the sport, and we’re looking forward to an exciting event at Yello Belly Drag Strip.”

The Anything on 28s class presented by RACERSCLUB is set for Saturday, April 13. Other classes include True Street, Homerun Derby, Late Model and King Cuhh on Friday, April 12. Rounding out Saturday’s schedule are Lil Gangstas, Quick Street, Cheap Street and Footbrake.

“Last year, we paid over $65,000 with buy-ins,” added Gunner. “Last year we had in cash on top and paid $65,000. This year we have $30,000 cash and prizes and we hope to exceed that with this event.”

“Last year, we had $20,000 in sponsorships and paid $65,000 in payouts,” said Gunner. “This year, we have $30,000 in sponsorships, not counting buy-ins yet, and hope to exceed $75,000 in payouts.”

Gunner also added that the class winners will receive an added bonus, which is something new to the Small Tire Gangstas series.

“Winners of our premier classes will win brakes from Strange Engineering, shocks from TRS, a Quickdraw Drag Trigger, and, of course, the Small Tire Gangsta chain,” stated Gunner.

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