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RACERSCLUB Announces Sponsorship Of Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet Race At Yello Belly Drag Strip

RACERSCLUB Announces Sponsorship Of Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet Race At Yello Belly Drag Strip

RACERSCLUB, the leading lifestyle brand for drag racers, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the highly-anticipated Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet race, hosted by rising YouTube sensation Tom Gunner. This exciting event, now in its second edition, is set to take place on September 30th at the iconic Yello Belly Drag Strip in Grand Prairie, Texas.

As the official lifestyle brand of Small Tire Gangstas, RACERSCLUB boasts a long-standing partnership with Tom Gunner, who is not only a rising YouTube star is also a dedicated brand ambassador for RACERSCLUB.

“It’s super cool to have a company like RACERSCLUB involved,” said Gunner, who is also known as Jimmy Dale due to his time on Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings. “It’s really helped me with my confidence to know that a company like RACERSCLUB and Wes [Buck] believes in us. Wes believes in Jimmy Dale so hard that he’s willing to throw money at it and put his brand-new brand alongside me and my brand. 

“Small Tire Gangstas definitely represents an underground part of drag racing, and RACERSCLUB speaks to that crowd,” continued Gunner. “It’s super exciting to have a new brand come on board that has the same vision for the sport as you do.”

The Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet race promises a day filled with unfiltered no-prep drag racing excitement, showcasing the raw passion and talent of drag racers at the iconic Yello Belly Drag Strip. In addition to the $15,000 prize money on top of the class purses, Gunner explained that the stakes are especially high in the Little Gangstas class, featuring small tire racing with a 5.30-index on a no-prep surface with $5,000 on top of buy-ins. 

“The roots of RACERSCLUB were planted on the drag strips of America, where we all developed our love for speed and competition,” said Wes Buck, Founder of RACERSCLUB and Drag Illustrated. “We are thrilled to be part of the Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet race and to continue our partnership with Tom Gunner. This event embodies the spirit of drag racing, and we are proud to support the incredible community that has formed around it. Tom’s passion and commitment to the sport align perfectly with RACERSCLUB’s values, and we look forward to an action-packed day at Yello Belly Drag Strip.”

Five classes are set for Small Tire Gangstas Short & Sweet. “Fans can expect real unfiltered no prep drag races at a historic track Yello Belly Drag Strip that is arguably one of the most honky tonk tracks in the whole world,” stated Gunner. 

The next installment of Small Tire Gangstas, Struggle City, is set for April 2024.

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